Meghan Patrick: Let’s Get Countrified

imageHello to all my Fairy Followers, or should I say; in the spirit of this new article…HOWDY YA’LL!

So what do we think of when we hear country music these days? Do we think about family, home or maybe even songs of long, forgotten love and loss. Even the words country music conjure up images of iconic artists such as Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Taylor Swift and The Dixie Chicks.

But what if I was to tell you that there is a new singer-songwriter on the block, who not only takes all the classic elements of the country genre, but adds a new, edgy and exciting twist to the music we have all come to love.

Let me introduce you to the new Princess of Country Music…Meghan Patrick.


This young artist, at only 29 years old, has dedicated the majority of her teen and adult years to pursuing her dream of being a country music star. She is already taking the West Coast by storm, and soon Europe and beyond, with her boot-kicking, toe-tapping and hip swaying new music.

Originally from Bowmanville, Ontario in Canada, Meghan was the lead singer of The Stone Sparrows, a popular roots group. After deciding to go their separate ways in 2013 and pursue different career paths, Meghan set out in search of her destiny in the music world.

Needless to say, it was not long before music executives heard her strong, unique & effortless voice and recognised her undeniable passion, and with this she signed a recording contract with Warner Music Canada and a publishing deal with Ole Nashville.

imageImmediately, Meghan set everything in motion by starting to write, compose, rehearse and perform each song that was to make it onto her debut album. Not only is this lady a professional in composing and a genius in writing musical lyrics, but she possesses the heart, soul and attitude required in their deliverance, as a performer.

Meghan has been quoted in the past as saying, “I was drawn to playing guitar, so I could start writing music to go along with the words I was writing. I wanted to be self-sufficient as a creative artist.

And you only have to listen to her debut album to hear this for yourself. Released on April 29th 2016, she cleverly named her album, GRACE & GRIT.


In my opinion, there could not have been a better name for this musical effort, as it describes its content perfectly. As I listened to the entire playlist, I understood how clever it was for Meghan to split the selection of songs into a mixture of initial heart-warming and emotional ballads (The Grace) and then inject the album with a taste of raw, passionate and powerful tunes (The Grit), in equal measures.

Since its release, her music has went from strength to strength, through her performances in several music venues; most recently in Peller Estates Winery, Niagara On The Lake.

imageHer debut single off the album has been her most popular to date, titled Bow Chicka Wow Wow. The lyrics are sexy and smooth, the tempo is upbeat and addictive, and the Music Video to accompany its release, makes the song Triple Country Perfection!!

The video itself is filled full of strong, confident women, cowboy hats and boots, ripped denim shorts, as well as fantastic dance scenes. Throw a “bar hunk” into the mix and great Canadian Beer on tap, and you’ve got yourself a top class accompaniment to an amazing song.

The album is packed full of tunes that everyone will fall in love with. If you’re not tearing up to Still Loving You, you will be either swaying to I Won’t Drink or raising a glass to I Believe In Beer.

imageSo if you are reading this, then I hope it will encourage you to get online and start listening to this outstanding new addition to the music scene. For ages we have been in search for a breath of fresh air, and Meghan Patrick is the answer to our prayers.

So if you like what you’re hearing then make sure to purchase Meghan’s album by clicking the following links or through iTunes.

To purchase Meghan’s album in the US & Canada via the official website click here, or via click here.

To purchase Meghan’s album in the UK, please click here.

Meghan can be also seen performing at the CMAO Showcase at Country Music Week on Sept 9th 2016. The Show is taking place at The Bull & Barrel Urban Saloon, at 359 Talbot Street, London.

imageShe will also be presenting at the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) Awards, which airs on September 11th 2016 at 10pm on CMT, where she is also nominated for “Songwriter of the Year.

Since contacting Meghan via social media, she has promised the public, “I’ll have all upcoming tour dates on my website.” So if you want to see Meghan on tour in both Canada and the US, as well as throughout Europe (hint…hint…Ireland, my home country), then we all must make sure to purchase her album; either CD or digital download, using the links provided above.

Let’s show the world how fantastic this girl truly is, and let’s get #COUNTRIFIED. 



Visit Meghan Patrick’s Official Website by clicking here.

You can also view all music videos and more media content by clicking here.


G.R.L Are Back & Stronger Than Ever

We know we can’t give up on this, as we want to spread the message of strength and resilience; no matter what obstacles come our way.


imageBack in September 2014, the music world was rocked and came to an immediate standstill, when the media announced that Simone Battle was found dead in her West Hollywood residence, due to the unfortunate circumstance of suicide.

Simone made up one fifth of the hugely popular, energetic and fresh new girl-group, G.R.L, and were the definition of chart domination.


Formed by Robin Antin, creator of the famous Pussycat DollsG.R.L came roaring into the music limelight in June 2013, with the release of their debut single Vacation. As soon as the public heard of this new addition to the pop charts, the group’s only destination was up, and nothing was going to hold them back.

On 25th February 2014, the quintet, which consisted of Emmalyn Estrada, Lauren Bennett, Natasha Slayton, Paula Van Oppen and Simone Battle, teamed up with the internationally popular rapper, Pitbull, on his single Wild Wild Love. The song became an internet sensation and dominated the charts, as well as becoming a floor filler when played at clubs and festivals globally.


As the five beautiful ladies went from one success to another, the world came to love G.R.L; not only for their raw, unquestionable singing talents, but for their warm, unique and fun personalities.

However, as the months went by, not even the girls could anticipate the fame and success they were about to receive following the release of their upcoming single titled, Ugly Heart. Unlike many other chart hits, it did not take us several replays to warm to this top tune. Everyone became immediately addicted to the clever melody, up-beat tempo, and energetic beat; not to mention the slick-ass lyrics delivered throughout.

Ugly Heart went to No:7 on the U.S Billboard Charts, and hit even higher at No:2 in the U.K, Ireland, Scotland and Australia. The dance-floor classic went four-times Platinum in Australia, but upon going Gold Certified in the United Kingdom, it became clear that this band were going to be one of the biggest girl-groups of recent times.

As each country  around the globe were introduced to the group via radio broadcasts, live TV appearances and promotional tours, G.R.L moved up to the top of every girl and boys playlist.

imageHowever, on 5th September 2014, the tragic death of Simone Battle shook the group. Only three months after the release of their most successful single to date, they had now lost their band-mate and true friend. The four remaining members halted all public appearances to allow themselves and their fans to grieve, and on January 15th 2015, the girls produced a song in memory of their fallen comrade, entitled Lighthouse. The song and accompanying music video aimed to highlight the importance of looking after your mental health, and most of all, talking to others about your worries and fears. Fans and critics agreed on the power and message of the song; collectively voicing their verdict that this creative effort was a touching, memorable and respectful representation of Simone’s life.

Sadly, amid rumours of a brief hiatus, the group’s label and creator announced that the group were disbanding, whilst thanking the fans for their support and wishing the ladies every success in their future endeavours. Following the statement, fans took to social media, mourning the loss of G.R.L and their music, whilst praying that at some point they would reform.


imageIt has just been revealed by the band’s new rep Matt Wynter, that G.R.L will be returning with a smaller lineup. Original G.R.L members Natasha Slayton and Lauren Bennett are returning, and together they are happy to announce the addition of a third member to G.R.L…Jazzy Mejia.

Social media, as well as music blogs and forums have been buzzing with anticipation and elation, since this amazing news was released. Lauren and Natasha released a joint statement saying, “We are so excited to introduce our amazing fans to our newest G.R.L sister, Jazzy Mejia. Besides her raw talent, she is kindhearted and willing to put in the work necessary to make G.R.L greater than ever.”

imageThe first time we will be able to see the girls perform as a G.R.L trio will be at the Nickelodeon Slimefest in Australia. The annual music festival will take place on 25th September 2016 in Melbourne and again on 30th September 2016 in Sydney.

Click here to purchase tickets to the GRL Comeback Performance

So G.R.L fans, get ready for the return you have been waiting for. If you are in Australia, then you are one of the lucky people. Dust of your glow-sticks and festival gear, and get down to the Slimefest this year. For those individuals like myself who don’t reside in Oz, we will just have to sit back and watch the whole performance live online. The one consolation we do have is that the band is truly back for good, new singles are on the horizon and who knows…maybe even the possibility of a worldwide tour.


Are you excited?…The Entertainment Fairy sure is.


Don’t Rain on my Parade

Hey ya’ll.

So as you may have noticed, it has been quite some time since I last posted on my Blog “The Entertainment Fairy.” 

After choosing my last blog post to be one of musical background, I’ve decided to do so again, due to the great feedback and reception my previous one received.

So what fresh, vibrant, exciting new artist is hitting the musical sound-waves these days?…I hear you ask me.


parade 4When I first heard Jessica display her incredible vocal talents, she was part of the amazing, British girl group Parade, who were a five piece band, signed to Asylum Records from 2010 to 2011. During their time together, they released 1 album and 3 singles, which were a sexy, polished blend of both pop, dance and ballads. Their single Louderdebuted in the Top 10 UK Charts in its very first week of release, and was a floor filler tune in every nightclub in 2011.

Click here to Watch the Official Video of LOUDER by Parade

parade 1

Sadly in early 2013, it was confirmed that Parade were going their separate ways and pursuing different paths. Upon hearing this, my heart sank. Where I was ever going to see these girls perform again, would I see their killer dance moves and was there any chance of solo music careers. Well, all my prayers were answered when one fifth of the girl group, Jessica Agombar, decided to emerge into the world of solo music and reveal to us what we have been missing for so long.

parade 2

Growing up in London E3, it is clear to see that the Capital has rubbed off on Jessica. With great style, unbelievable fashion, vocal brilliance and even acting experience, this girl is proof that London really does produce pure, unquestionable talent. But most of all, apart from the obvious, Jessica seems to have brought with her the vital values needed to succeed in the entertainment world; RespectTruth and Appreciation.  By following Jessica’s career over the years, it is clear to see that she truly respects the artists and musical colleagues she has met along the way, who all played a part in each others journey. Through ever-changing musical trends and genres, this lady has been able to mould herself with the aim of appealing to all types of music fans, but never forgetting to remain truthful  to her roots and personal interests. And most of all, she is the kind of artist who has never forgotten to remain appreciative and thankful to the fans. Whether these people became fans of Jessica via Parade or in the years that followed with her solo music, she has never hesitated in thanking them for the experience she has had so far; including the successes, the wishes of good luck and the positive reactions to her music.

parade 3

Since her solo career took off, she has has released 3 fantastic singles, including Bam Bam, Bam Bam: Part 2 and her recent masterpiece, Tuesday’s Love.

To download Jessica’s music, please click this link

Since hearing her newest creation, Tuesday’s Love, social media and music critics have been tweeting, blogging, face-booking, tagging and sharing her new music. And I cannot blame them for one second. It is both DAZZLING and ACCOMPLISHED. Very rarely have I heard a song that has had such an impact on me, and I, hand-on-heart believe that anyone who listens to the words, will be able to relate entirely to each lyric; in some way or form.

To Listen to Tuesday’s Love via SoundCloud, click here.

To watch the beautiful Video of Tuesday’s Love on Youtube, click here

So click above to have a listen, and let me know what you think. I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that 2015/2016 is going to be a lucky year for this young woman. With a voice so mesmerizing and a rare talent of being able to tell a story through her lyrics, Jessica is a gem within the music industry, who I am sure will soon get the recognition and success she deserves.

parade 5.jpeg

With rumours going around the mill that a new EP and Album will be soon released… I, The Entertainment Fairy, will eagerly wait to get a listen to this piece of artistic perfection.

Carrie Mac: Scotland’s New Musical Talent

imageFor many of you reading this blog, you currently may be wondering…Carrie WHO? Well, I can tell you now, that will be the last time you ask yourselves that question.

Carrie Mac hails from the picturesque, historical city of Edinburgh, Scotland, and even though she is only in her twenties, her voice is a timeless wonder. She first came to the attention of the music scene when she won Radio Forth’s One To Watch Award, after performing an acoustic arrangement in 2008.

When I first got introduced to this wonderful, Scottish talent, I was sitting at X Factor Winner Alexandra Burke’s Debut tour,  All Night Long. During this tour, Carrie got to showcase her talent to thousands of curious and eager fans over 35 dates from 14th January 2011 to 14th August 2011.

As I peered onto the Bord Gais Energy Theatre stage; in Dublin, the lights dimmed and from the darkness, a beautiful, soft, ethereal voice could be heard. Carrie greeted the crowd with great enthusiasm and respect, and immediately the concert goers embraced her, and warmed her lovable nature.

But how about the music? That’s what we were there for…right? Well, what can I say? As soon as she sang her opening track “Hello,” as a special introduction to her Irish audience, she had the concert goers entranced.

As the concert progressed, Carrie Mac showcased her incredible array of songs; blending both soft ballads and upbeat stylish songs into her set.

Not only does Carrie have an unforgettable voice…she has a fantastic, vibrant personality to match.

After I left the concert 4 years ago, I became a life-long fan of this girl’s breath-taking, musical abilities.

imageSince then, Carrie Mac has went on to release her first UK single “Til I See You Again,” which got people hooked the minute it hit the radio. She soon released her first album in January 2012, called “Believe,” which I must say is a personal favourite of mine. Every song on the album, you will fall in love with. It’s the perfect track list to sail down the road with the top down and sing at the top of your lungs, and at the same time, it has some beautiful ballads that is ideal for relaxing after a hard days work.

In 2012, 2014 and 2015 she released follow up EP’s named “Everywhere,” “Elsewhere Eyes,” and “Love Curse,” respectively. Each one of them showed us not only an extended glimpse of Carrie’s prowess, but a completely type of music genre each time. This quality can be quite hard to come by in today’s music and entertainment industry, which ultimately shows that she is the type artist that can put her hand to anything and successfully leave her mark upon a song; but most importantly, upon you.

Click HERE to listen to Carrie’s original song “Safe in My Arms.”


Although Carrie is known for writing all her own songs, she has proven herself to be quite the professional at bringing new life to songs by other artists, when performing covers like Erasure’s “A Little Respect” and the extremely popular “Everywhere”  by Fleetwood Mac.

Click here for a listen to Carrie’s Cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere.”


After performing to the masses at The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh for 5 shows in August of this year, who knows where you may see Carrie next? So if I have not convinced you so far, maybe you simply need to listen to her voice. You will know what I mean, when you do so.

imageBut until then, you can keep up to date with her music news and tour dates via her website :

And if you like what you hear, remember to support new artists like Carrie by downloading her music…

Buy Carrie Mac Music HERE

Support New Artists and empower them to create, and keep creating the music you love.