The Barber Will See You Now: Sweeney Todd The Musical arrives at The Lyric Theatre

“Step right up, Sir. Hop into the barber’s chair and lie back. Just a little off the top?”

Sweeney 2

We have all heard of the legend of Sweeney Todd; the demon barber of Fleet Street, London. And for those who have not…well…you’ll be his perfect customer then. You see, Mr Todd; he prizes himself with running a private and profitable business, and much to the delight of Belfast city, he has brought his livelihood inside the doors of the Lyric Theatre.

But who is Sweeney Todd? Well, some say he existed in the 1800s where he carried out a killing spree in the most gruesome of manners. Others, however, believe it is simply an urban legend to teach us a lesson in life. Nevertheless, we all can rest assured that the version of Sweeney Todd playing in Belfast right now, is not only an enjoyable experience but one that will have you telling all your friends and family about.

Sweeney Todd The Musical, tells the story of a gentleman known as Benjamin Barker. Loved by his wife Lucy and daughter Johanna, he seems to have everything…a family, a prospering career and respect within the community.

However, within the London hamlet which he lives, also resides a wealthy, ruthless and jealous man, known as Judge Turpin, who wants what Benjamin has and will do anything to steal it from him.

Unfortunately for Benjamin, Judge Turpin convicts him of a bogus charge, leading to his incarceration and deportation. Sadly his wife Lucy is preyed upon by Judge Turpin, and is brutalised by him in many ways. After her rejection, he throws Lucy onto the streets. Broken by her loss and the abuse, she supposedly poisons herself.

But what of Benjamin’s only child Johanna? She is taken into the Turpin household under the care of the Judge, but he has more selfish reasons for this. As her sixteenth birthday approaches, Judge Turpin’s supposed generosity at taking Johanna in as a child, quickly changes to him pursuing her as his love interest and possible wife.

Cue the long overdue return of Benjamin Barker, to a city he once knew. Many things have changed…faces, businesses and his reputation. When he hears of the dreadful news regarding his wife and daughter, Benjamin sets out for revenge.

sweeney 3Adopting the new name of Sweeney Todd, he creates a new identity for himself in the town he once called home. His mission is to kill Judge Turpin and those involved for what they did to his family…but how?

Why, a barber is always needed…am I right? Setting up shop in the ruins of his old Barber Shop above Mrs Lovett’s Pie Shop, he sets out to use his business as a simple and effective way of getting his razor near enough their throats to carry out his terrible deed.

The only worry is, what of the bodies? However, Mrs Lovett, has that all covered. The only person to know Todd’s true identity, Mrs Lovett loves this troubled man, and will do anything for him. With a failing pie store and lack of meat based resources for the pie fillings, she concocts a plan to use the victims’ remains and bake them into pies.

Sweeney 1As you sit back and enjoy this show, you will laugh, gasp and cry throughout. Will Sweeney Todd succeed on his quest for vengeance, will Mrs Lovett’s customers find what truly is in their delicious pies, will Johanna escape the clutches of Judge Turpin and find true love… or will this murder spree be all in vain?

So what are you waiting for????

Get down to The Lyric Theatre, at 55 Ridgeway Street, Belfast, BT9 5FB (Stranmillis Embankment), and see this wonderful show for yourself.

Written by Christopher Bond, the musical thriller will also showcase memorable musical numbers, written by the legendary Stephen Sondheim. This show graced the stages of Broadway since 1979 and the West End since 1980 for many years now, and has proven to be the definition of theatrical excellence. So much that a film adaption of the classic was made in 2008 starring the talented Johnny Depp in the title role.

Sweeney 4

Stephen Page will play the lead character Sweeney Todd, who will wow you all with his portrayal of this sinister, yet broken character. Bringing this dark comedy to the stage, will also be Julie Mullins in the role of Mrs Lovett, who is most notably known for her time on hit Australian show, Neighbours.

The entire cast are fantastic and are already entertaining audiences since February 2nd; making this a stage classic that is not to be missed.

Lyric 1

The show runs from 2nd February until 23rd February 2019, in the Lyric Theatre, with Tuesday to Saturday performances at 7:45pm, and added Sunday Matinees at 2:30pm.

Tickets range from £17 to £24.50, with concession prices of £12 for Students, Unemployed, Under 20’s and over 65’s.

Tickets can be purchased in person at the theatre box office, or online by clicking the link provided HERE.

Take a seat, relax and enjoy this phenomenal performance. Just make sure you don’t accidentally sit in the Barber seat folks. Sweeney Todd is waiting for you.


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