Pet: The Film Review

imageWe’ve all heard the saying…A Pet is for Life, Not Just for Christmas. Well this statement couldn’t be more true for the new horror/thriller PET.

Written by Jeremy Slater; most famous for his work on the 2015 movie The Lazarus Effect and his participation in the outstanding current FOX TV series adaption of The Exorcist, it already goes without saying that his newest movie would be just as exciting and groundbreaking.

PET is the story of Seth, played by Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings)who is somewhat of a recluse, a nobody…a loner if that description fits.

He spends his days working at a state county animal shelter, adopting more of a relationship with his animal companions than that of his occupational peers. He comes to work, he smiles, he waves, he keeps the place tidy and despite the lack of respect he is shown by his work colleagues, he just carries on as normal.

Sounds like a sweet guy…yeah? Think again. We soon find out that Seth commutes to work on the bus, with a girl called Holly (Ksenia Solo) who he has developed a crush on. The only thing is, he does not know her, has never spoken to her and she has no knowledge of his feelings.


He soon sets out by finding out her name, and when he does, he uses the fantastic world of social media to learn everything about her. He learns her age, her educational history, her likes and dislikes, her favorite foods and restaurants…and most of all…her relationship status.

Now tell me if I wrong, but does this not creep you out in the slightest? We are all guilty of putting too much information of ourselves on social media, making one understand how easily it can be for predators to gain key facts and claim to know you.

In several early scenes we see Seth practicing scenarios where they possibly meet and start chatting, as he silently hopes for this clueless girl to fall in love with him. As Seth begins to visit the diner where she works; pretending he is an old high school buddy from back in the day and starts getting roses delivered, Holly starts to get scared and tells him she has a boyfriend. Little does she know, Seth knows for certain that she doesn’t.

She is completely oblivious to how he would know such intimate details about her…completely unaware of how simple it is to follow someones life online.

imageAs the film gets over introductions, we see Seth’s abduction of Holly, as she sleeps in her apartment. However, when she wakes up, nothing can prepare her for what she sees. For now, she is no longer in the comfort of her own bed, but in an animal cage in the basement of the abandoned premises of the animal shelter. The question that we are left with now is whether or not Seth wants a girlfriend or a PET.

But just like any great horror/thriller, there are many twists and turns, and soon the tables are turned. What we learn about both characters, as the movie progresses, will change your perception on the assumed villain.


Dominic Monaghan plays the role of our male lead brilliantly, as he portrays his psychotic tendencies and instability with such passion and belief; making us feel sorry for him and then despise him later on. Wheareas, Ksenia Solo as Holly is a breath of fresh air on the movie scene, as she show viewers how victims of kidnapping soon put things into perspective and enter survival mode.

It is great to see movies like this being made, as it not only highlights the importance of being curious questionable of some behaviors, but it also makes us take a look at our own. Why do we put on the internet that we like a certain food, why do we tag ourselves into our favorite coffee shop each week, why do we inform the world of our love life or lack of it, with just one click?

The answer is different for everyone? Maybe you want to be seen as outgoing and enjoying life, maybe you want some much needed attention or maybe you want to feel like the world is watching. However, maybe somebody is watching and the attention they seek is somewhat opposite.

imagePET was released during Christmas 2016, to mediocre turnouts at movie theatres, but this is understandable due to December being every cinema’s hardest month to draw in movie-goers. Nevertheless, it is a great film, full of terrific plot twists and wonderful character development.

I would encourage fans of this genre to purchase this on DVD, as it is definitely one for the weekend movie marathon with friends and family. Currently the movie is on sale on AMAZON UK for a very affordable price, making it an absolute steal.

Hope you enjoy the shock fest. Get your pillow ready.


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