Fashion Hits Home & It’s Everything We Hoped For

imageWe all yearn for it, search for it and aim to be the definition of it… and that my friends… is FASHION. Like myself, we all aim for that signature look; something so unique, memorable and most of all stunning, that will make you the talk of the town and make jaws drop from a block around. Fashion enthusiasts across the globe look in many directions…first to the runway, then to the style capitals like Paris, Milan, London & New York, and finally we take tips from the media, by recreating celebrity red carpet looks.

However, despite the coverage and hype, the question poses itself, “Can we afford to achieve that level of style?” Well, I am here to tell you simply, “YES YOU CAN!” Style is not meant to be difficult to achieve. It’s not there to be admired only on high profile clients. But it is meant to be accessible and affordable to all.

Ever since moving to Toronto, I have promised to continue to write about my passions; not just here but back home also. And it didn’t take me long to find my next article to place my fairy dust upon.

You may or may not already know, but in the past few months, a new fashion outlet has opened in my hometown of Crossmaglen; much to the delight of its residents, visitors and far-away closet fashionistas like myself. In the last few years, Crossmaglen has surprised us all by finally stepping outside the shadow of the 20th Century, and embracing retail change and advancement. And what better time to step forward into the limelight than now…and this is what new store Couture Grandeur has done.


Since opening its doors for business recently, it has been going from strength to strength, and proving ever popular with all the ladies who visit the premises. From what I have been hearing, the clothing outlet is becoming somewhat of a treasure trove or what I would call an Aladdins’s Cave. Contacts cannot stop raving about the range that there is on offer, as well as the endless amount of accessories to compliment and complete a desired look.


But the immediate and continued success of this already popular business is not simply down to its selection of fabulous finery. Every person I have spoken to and every online review I have read, highlight the warm, helpful, welcoming nature of its proprietor Yvonne McCoy. From the moment you walk in the door to the second you leave, customers have commented on how courteous and professional this lady is.

imageWith the styling talents of Yvonne and her incredible eye for detail, Couture Grandeur is quickly becoming the hot, in-vogue, trendsetter in Northern Ireland’s fashion retail. Whether you want to adopt the elegant, glamorous styling of Michelle Obama, the hipster chic look of Jennifer Aniston, or maybe even the romantic, classic look of Emma WatsonCouture Grandeur can offer it all, for an affordable price.

It makes me happy to see my hometown grow in popularity with these new, innovative businesses putting their own touch of magic into the retail sector. But what makes me even more proud is seeing the increasing number of women following their dreams and bringing them to life. Having been surrounded by many influential and inspiring females my whole life, it is wonderful to see businesswomen like Yvonne and many others in my hometown taking that step and giving the public what they’ve been looking for.

I would like to take this time to wish Couture Grandeur continued success and when I finally get home from my travels, I will definitely being paying this ‘style haven’ a visit myself.

Couture Grandeur is located at Unit 2, Casey’s Complex, Crossmaglen, Newry, Northern Ireland.

Opening Hours:

Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm

Friday 10am-8pm

Saturday 10am-7pm

Facebook media link can be found HERE




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