Little Shop of Horrors: Lower Ossington Theatre promises a musical with a BITE

imageWe all know by now that one of my favorite theatre companies has to be; without a doubt, the Lower Ossington Theatre (LOT). With the wide selection of theatre avenues that they explore, it is not surprising that they give the public something that will appeal to each one of their tastes. Whether it is comedy, musical, classic play or drama, The LOT really knows how to deliver.

As you can guess, with theatres, there is a specific time frame after the festive holiday season in December, when all the theatrical organizers gather to plan the upcoming season’s brochure of exciting new shows.

In reality, the last show I attended at this establishment was actually in December 2016, and you can only imagine the anticipation I feel surrounding the new show. Program specialists have thought long and hard about what would be the most appropriate show to start off the season with a bang. But what could that be? We like to be excited, thrilled, shocked, humored and entertained. But mostly we want to witness something with a fresh new BITE on the Toronto stage…so trust me…this will be the show for you.

From March 24-May 14, the stage adaption of the movie classic “LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS” will be delighting all who attend this marvelous show. If you are looking for a performance with originality, humor, suspense and a memorable score of musical tunes, then go no further.


Based on the 1986 Sci-Fi movie of the same name, Little Shop of Horrors , is a horror-comedy musical classic, which follows the story of a nerdy, down and out NYC florist called Seymour Krelborn. With the help of his assistant Audrey, they run Mushnik’s Flower Shop in an area quickly starting to be referred to as skid row. Struggling to make ends meet; despite their passion and effort, Seymour starts to decide it could be time to “fold.” But thoughtful and dreamy Audrey proposes a plan to him, which could possibly bring more custom to the ever-empty business.

imageShe encourages him to display a specific plant to the public, which he has never done so before. This plant is in fact an unusual botanical species that he purchased from a Chinese Flower Shop during the last solar eclipse. As soon as he displays it for the passing public to see, it grabs the attention of all, and within a short period of time increases custom and talk about the flower shop. Seymour names the plant “Audrey II” but soon realizes than the plant is withering. Despite many botany interventions to save this growing tourist attraction, the plant continues to die…that is until…Seymour pricks his finger on the plant while tending to it.

He immediately witnesses the effect blood has on Audrey II, and in no time at all, the plant grows into a hot-headed, foul-mouthed, R&B singing diva with a carnivorous appetite.

imageBut what is Seymour to do? To ensure the continued success and ever-growing customer influx to his store, would it be wrong if he fed a few of them to Audrey II, to keep her at bay? No that’s wrong…OR IS IT?

The stage production of this horror musical comedy, is sure to be as entertaining and exciting as the original movie; filled full of dark humor and laughs. With its musical score composed by the one-and-only Alan Menkin (famous for the music of Aladdin, Sister Act, Enchanted, The Little Mermaid and many more), you can only imagine how catchy the show-tunes will be.

This musical originally premiered on the Off-Broadway stage in 1982 and garnered success for many years on both sides of the Atlantic. So much so that it just completed a West End Tour in 2016. But now it’s Toronto’s turn to see this spectacular production, and the company & cast of the Lower Ossington Theatre will undoubtedly keep the success of this musical alive.


Performances will be held FRIDAY’S, SATURDAY’S AND SUNDAY’S from March 24 – May 14 at The Lower Ossington Theatre, located at 100A Lower Ossington Avenue, Toronto.

Tickets can be purchased at the in-theatre box office, or can be purchased online in advance by clicking HERE. Also, as an added bonus, when purchasing online, make sure to use the code FEEDME25 to enjoy 25% discount on all available seats and tables.

Come along and see this popular show for yourself…I promise…we don’t BITE. 



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