Tons of Money: Theatre Scarborough set to dish out the laughs with this hilarious stage comedy


imageRecently I have decided, as a blogger, that in order to fully appreciate the many outlets of entertainment that there is to offer, I must look outside the boundaries of Downtown Toronto. As fantastic, memorable and breathtaking as my previous shows were and continue to be, it is important to shine light on the exciting new productions that are destined to be outright hits with the public.

My tastes in theatre are extensive…be it suspense, comedy, thriller, Improv or musical…there is a unique element of each that can be appreciated. But lately I have been in search for a play that not only has a gripping storyline, but is laced with cracking comedy and added suspense. You know what I mean? But where could I possibly find this?

Well, the wait is over everyone! Through the expertise and creative minds of the theatre company, Scarborough Players, I present to you…TONS OF MONEY; a hilarious new comedy about death, inheritance and the means to have it all.


Created by famous, British writers Will Evans & ValentineTons of Money was first performed in 1922 in the renowned Shaftesbury Theatre in London, UK. After over 2 years of dominating the West End, the farcical play was hailed by critics as a comedic triumph, as it created amusement around what would usually be seen as a tense situation.

The play was then revived and directed by Alan Ayckbourn in 1981, and since then has been adapted into film and television movies. But what is the backstory and what makes this play so popular and timeless?

Tons Of Money tells the story of Aubrey Henry Maitland Allington; an inventor so down on his luck, that his debts are accumulating by the day. But when things are about to get worse and tip Aubrey over the edge, a sudden monetary inheritance is awarded to him, which could eventually bring him out of his drowning debt.

imageHowever, he feels he has only two options; TAKE THE MONEY and have to use it all to pay off those pestering creditors or REJECT IT and continue to live a life of struggle.

But is that his only solution? Aubrey’s wife Louise comes up with an idea that will knock you off your seats. Her husband’s cousin George Maitland, was assumed to have died abroad; with very little people ever knowing what actually happened to him. But the creditors don’t know that…do they? Although not the most conventional method, she concludes that the only way they can enjoy the inheritance to the fullest without it being snatched from their clutches, is for Aubrey to fake his own death…and with so, leaving in his last will and testimony, that his assets go to his cousin George.

imageBut how can this be possible? George is assumed dead. So how can he collect such a inheritance? Part Two of Louise’s plan is for her newly “dead” husband to resurrect himself as his cousin, and accept his new-found fortune; unbeknownst to his debt collectors, who would naturally have to wipe the slate clean.

Sound smooth sailing? Think again. With an act so gutsy and destined for mishaps, Aubrey and Louise get themselves into side-splitting, hilarious scenarios, where each lie could either make them or break them.

Tons of Money promises to be a night full of laughter and suspense, where the audience will be anticipating each move of our lead characters. Not to mention, the many surprises that lie in wait, along the way. The entire Scarborough Players crew  and cast, alongside the artistic excellence of director Jeremy Henson, producer Linda Brent and stage manager Teresa Bakker, will without a doubt bring this feel-good story to life in their own wonderful way.


If you are like me, and cannot wait to see this show, then here is all the information you need:

TONS OF MONEY will be performed at the Theatre Scarborough c/o Scarborough Village Theatre, located at 3600 Kingston Road, Scarborough, Ontario, M1M 1R9.

The show will run from opening night on April 7th until April 22nd 2017.

Tickets are priced at $22 and can be purchased by in person at the theatre, by calling the Box Office on (416) 267-9292 or simply reserving you tickets online by clicking HERE.

Tickets are already flying out the door, so get yours booked NOW before its too late.



On a final note…stay tuned for my post-opening night review, and watch me work my magic.

LOVE: The Entertainment Fairy.


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