Rowan: The Hidden Gem of the East End

imageYesterday, on my day off from work, I decided to do a bit of sight-seeing, jump on a streetcar and travel to the outskirts of the city of Toronto, to embrace my inner globetrotter.

My travels took me to the quiet, peaceful and stylish neighborhood of Queen Street East. With its astonishing number of quirky, unusual, and individualistic stores, I felt like I was in a whole new land. Being in downtown Toronto all the time, it can be hard to see past all the same popular franchises that are in every country. But as I walked down Queen Street towards the Beach District, I was blown away by the wide selection of independent stores to chose from. From handmade jewellery to independent and affordable clothing lines…it has it all.

But I was in search of something specific; something that no other business could offer. And what this was…was the perfect skin treatment for home use.

In the past, I’ve tried them all. I’ve bought the leading French brands, which ended up too strong for my skin, the drugstore brands which were inexpensive but useless, and of course…I even made my own, with an array of ingredients. Did any of them work, not all all.


But yesterday I came across a beautiful little shop called ROWAN: Homespun Market & Apothecary, located at 2196 Queen Street East, and all my wishes came true. Not only did they make homemade skin masks, created entirely from natural ingredients, but they had their own entire skin, hair and body-care range called Wildwood.

The store also had on display a wide range of essential oils, sage products, literature, beverages, teas, and jewellery & ornaments created by local designers.

With its clean, rustic decor and white, wood displays, I could not help but feel relaxed and at home as I browsed the items on sale. With its hanging herbs and and quartz crystals, I felt like I was in a place of comfort; full of magic and mystery.

As I looked at the Wildwood range, which were laid out cleverly on a shelf; carved into the letter W, I found what I was looking for. Looking at the list of natural ingredients, I finally decided that the Wildflower and Pink Clay Mask was for me.


As the very helpful and kind lady at the register cashed my product, she informed me of several workshops that happen on the premises. Not only does the store create wonderful lines, but you can now learn it all from the very best as well.

Bidding farewell to my new favorite beauty haven, I raced to get home and try it out. As the product consists of a clay, powdered substance, only 1 teaspoon of product is required with 1 teaspoon of water. Mixing the 2 together in a small bowl, this created a watery/creamy paste, which I then applied to my face and neck.

As per recommendations, I left the mask on for 10 minutes, and during this time, you can feel the pinkish, brown clay harden quickly on your skin. Not only do you feel that its working, but with the wildflower components…it smells lovely and refreshing.


When the timer was up, I removed all traces of the clay mask, with cold-lukewarm water, making sure my skin was properly cleansed and patted dry. And what of the results? They were everything I was hoping for. My skin felt so smooth, firm and nourished that I immediately got my housemate to try it as well; with equally pleasing results.

imageROWAN is a fantastic store that everybody needs to visit. Not only is the skincare luxurious, but it is healthy, non allergenic and completely natural. There is definitely something in the Wildwood range for all, as they now offer soaps, creams and even dry shampoo. With all the media surrounding commercial dry shampoos, made from artificial ingredients and their role in increased hair-loss, experts are actually now encouraging customers to buy dry shampoo made with natural ingredients; in order to combat this issue. And now you know where to find one.

If you, like myself, are looking for all the natural alternatives; for an affordable price, then a trip out on the 501 east streetcar to ROWAN is what’s needed.

All information on the Wildwood range can be found by clicking HERE

Information on upcoming workshops can be found HERE.

For great products and great customer service, get down to 2196 Queen Street East today, and see it all for yourself.

Have a magical day my fairy followers.



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