Out with the ‘new’ and in with the ‘old’: How today’s fashionistas are bringing back timeless styles

imageWhether you are a fully fledged fashion guru or a bit of an amateur like myself, you cannot deny that fashion is constantly evolving. Fashion Blogs, Pinterest, Instagram and all types of social media are constantly showing you new ideas, but what if I was to say that the way to discover new fads and trends is not to move forward…but back.  Many will agree with me that in the past two decades, the runways have been somewhat of a disappointment. The 90’s and 00’s seemed to be absent of a signature style that defined that era; whereas the 40’s-60’s modeled characteristics that will go down in history.


Take for instance the 1940’s. With World War 2 in motion, you would think that fashion would be the least of people’s worries, but female styles during this decade are what we remember and recreate today. Much attire took the form of afternoon or tea dresses by some.With shoulder pads becoming popular, and button down or wrap-over dresses becoming the next big thing, ladies sported quite a sculpted, pristine look. Despite the limited use of fabric; due to war shortages, the style remained classy and proper.

The 1950’s soon followed and with it brought the slimline waists and so-called ‘circle dresses, which accentuated the bust and hips, as well as creating a style that could flatter all female shapes and sizes. Colors became more vibrant, creating a dress style that not only could be admired by day, but could be remolded and revamped…to be envied by all at night. It was a timeless characteristic that entered more into the public’s awareness, through the fashion efforts of some of Hollywood’s most memorable female star’s of the 50’s.

Actresses like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn showcased this style many times; incorporating it into both their on-screen and off-screen wardrobes. Probably the most photographed actress of this time, sporting this trend was Lucille Ball, whose vibrant personality matched her fashion sense perfectly.

Lastly, the 1960’s…what can I say? Figure hugging and accentuating outfits; both casual and formal were all the rage. As hemlines got shorter, hair got higher, and the introduction of solid prints and matching headbands was in full swing. The 60’s were all about discovering yourself, and releasing previous inhibitions. This era created the mini-dresses and classic, pencil dresses favored by icons like model Brigitte Bardot.

So where does that leave us today? My maternal grandmother once said, as I sat by her feet at her sewing machine, “You know what? There will come a day when all these fashion designers are going to run out of ideas and what I was wearing at your age, will all be back in mode once again. You wait and see.”

And she was right. As a lady who could take a needle and tread to anything and make it into a masterpiece, she had a wonderful fashion sense. She appreciated style and elegance when she saw it, and there are others out there who think the same way. Vintage fashion bloggers are taking the media by storm nowadays; showing us how to not only embrace past trends, but also to make them our own. With fashion…there are no rules. These so-called ‘vintage girls’ are taking those pieces, adding a bit of magic and create masterpieces that not only work well, but honor the past also.

Of the many vintage fashion portals I have come across, one that has stood out to me is that of Instagram Vintage fashionista Rebecca Phippen, whose photos, tips and run-through of outfits are posted regularly. Her vintage and retro styles not only emanate elegance and grace, but promote confidence and personality, which empowers all.

When I go to my wardrobe and look inside, I usually sigh with disappointment. Why? Is it because I do not have the latest look modeled within high-street windows….NOPE. Is it because I cannot afford the likes of Dolce & Gabbana…NOPE. It’s truly because I sometimes lack the styles that will get heads turning…an outfit that will catch someones eye. Because that is what we want in the end. We want the public to go WOW!!!

Embracing the vintage styles can be somewhat daunting, and hit-or-miss, but undoubtedly exciting at the same time. And if you pull it off, this just proves that these trends are timeless.

So what do you think? Got a summer holiday planned? How about going searching the stores or even online for a vintage bathing suit, that personifies the style of the 1950’s. You too could be like the beautiful Debbie Reynolds.


Or how about embracing the style of a 1960’s Maureen O’Hara on a romantic date, by going for a glamorous solid, figure hugging dress, which exudes confidence and sexiness all at once.


Model and singer/songwriter Lana Del Rey once said:

“Fashion is inspired by both youth and nostalgia, and draws inspiration from the best of the past.”

So lets get shopping girls. And make sure to add @myrockabillysummer on Instagram for upcoming, revived styles. These looks are not only affordable, but easily found. And just think…you may just awaken your inner goddess in the process.


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