Carrie The Musical: It’s Gonna Be A Night You’ll Never Forget


Whether or not you have seen the movie or read the book, the story of Carrie White is known all around the world. I can remember my own mother recalling how she went to the cinema in the 1976 to see the horror novel by Stephen King being transformed from book to blockbuster.

But for those who have not heard of this horror legend, I will give you a brief synopsis. Carrie tells the story of a shy, lonely and insecure schoolgirl, who lives her life hiding away from all interactions with the outside world. But this is not Carrie’s fault or her choice. Having being raised by a religious bible-basher, who aggressively forces her opinion on her daughter and treats her like a biblical sinner, one can only imagine the fear and guilt that Carrie experiences.

imageBut as Carrie moves into puberty, natural changes start to occur to her body which are completely alien to her, as her mother sees this area of womanhood sickening and distasteful. After an embarrassing  event involving a group of bullies at school, a freak supernatural event occurs, which finally leads Carrie to realize she has telekinesis (the ability to move things with one’s mind)

Sound neat? Think again. Carrie’s abilities are controlled by her emotions, and as the story develops, we see this shy girl transform as she comes into her gifts. But nothing is as it seems. As the bullies continue to torment Carrie, it finally becomes too much and the darkness in this once timid schoolgirl is released. The pent-up anger and torture becomes a scene of uncontrolled havoc and revenge, in a showdown that you will never forget.

The original movie adaption starring Sissy Spacek was a phenomenal success and garnered fantastic reviews worldwide. So much so, that 47 years later, Hollywood created a remake of the classic horror, starring Chloe Grace Moretz.

But let me tell you all something that will make you excited. Thanks to the amazingly talented people of the HART HOUSE THEATRE, Toronto, we are about to see Carrie White’s story in a whole new light. Thanks to the expertise of well-known director Richard Ouzounian, Hart House Theatre are proud to bring you the musical adaption of this cult classic.

Carrie The Musical stays true to the original tale and brings with it a fantastic musical score composed by Michael Gore and Dean Pitchford. Each number ties together each scene and gives life, character and feeling to this genius storyline. As everyone knows, Carrie’s true self comes to life when she steps onto that infamous prom-stage. So what better way to celebrate, pay tribute to and awaken this moment, than to perform it as a musical LIVE on a Toronto stage?

Playing the lead of Carrie White, will be Tiyana Scott, who is super-excited to be taking this iconic role and making it her own. We can expect a passionate, believable and powerful performance from this young actress.


Playing the role of Carrie’s ruthless mother, Margaret White, is Brittany Miranda whose stage presence and performance ability will blow you away.


I personally am looking forward to seeing Jacqueline Godbout take on the memorable character of Sue Snell. Despite being one of Carrie’s original tormentors, she sees the error in her ways and tries to make up for her mistakes. Little does she know the chaos that is just around the corner. After seeing Jacqueline perform in the murder mystery cabaret, Love You To Death, I have no doubt that she will delight audiences this time around, in a very different role.


People have asked down through the years as to why Carrie is so popular, and when Carrie The Musical’s director Richard Ouzounian was approached with this question, he answered:

It’s the story of the ultimate outsider and what happens when she is pushed too far. Despite all the anti-bullying messages out there, young people are still subject to abuse from their peers; simply because of who they are. That’s why the acting company of Carrie are diverse in many ways. We’re creating a world where everyone wonders how they fit in. We are all Carrie…Truly.

After releasing my previous article on bullying last week, it seemed appropriate to follow this up with a performance that we can all relate to. Make it a MUST on your ‘to-do’ list, during its 3 week run at the Hart House Theatre.

With unique musical numbers, a stellar cast, and a wonderfully creative team of set, costume and lighting designers, this show is destined to give you a night to remember…something you will be still talking about in weeks to follow.

So if you wish to step into the world of Carrie White and see this piece of musical & theatrical excellence, the show will be playing at the Hart House Theatre, 7 Hart House Cir, Toronto, M5S 3H3 from JANUARY 20th until FEBRUARY 4th 2017.

To purchase tickets prior to the show, you can do so by clicking HERE.

Tickets are priced at $28 for Adults, $17 for Seniors and $15 for Students.

Approximate running time including intermission: 2 Hours & 20 Mins



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