“Everything I Need”… This heart-warming and inspirational show is what “we all” truly need.

Devon…derived from the Irish (Gaeilic) word “Devin” meaning…Poet. Poet…derived from the Greek “Poiein” meaning writer.


Have you ever had a dream where someone, something or a situation stood in its way? Ever lost faith in yourself, your creativity or your inner-voice telling you to keep going?

In the world of theatre, music and performance, industry professionals and representatives seem to have the ability to make or break you, and possess a self-awarded power in choosing whether your dream blossoms or withers.

But little do they tell you that it is really YOU who has the control over your destiny. All you need is belief, persistence and determination, and if you possess all three…the world is your oyster.

My grandmother told me many times that “What is for you, will never pass you…and if your hopes and dreams are taking too long…they are simply stuck in traffic.”

imageThis belief accurately describes the writer and creator of Toronto production Everything I Need… Devon Hubka.

Everything I Need is Devon’s first first solo show and first outing as a professional writer. Although no stranger to the stage herself, Devon had been writing ideas into notebooks for years about potential shows she wished to create, but never seemed to move beyond this stage of the creative process.

One day, a theatre professional commented that Devon didn’t have “it” to make it in this industry. Many, understandably, after hearing this would retreat into a place of shock, sadness and disappointment, but NOT this lady.

Not only did she refuse to believe his opinion, but it stoked a fire deep inside her, and ignited the flame that was to eventually prove him wrong.image

Immersing herself into the writing of her solo show, Everything I Need, she submitted it to the Toronto Fringe Festival lottery for consideration, on its completion. Upon the announcement of her show being accepted, it soon premiered at the festival in 2013, getting both positive and enthusiastic reviews from the public and promoters. Rave reviews continued to come in, with one quoted saying that Devon had a “warmly appealing personality and a big, lush voice born to sing show tunes.”


Now three years later (back by popular demand), the show is about to hit the stage again, with a newly edited and revised script.

As it takes to the Studio of the Alumnae Theatre, 70 Berekely Street, Toronto, we are all super excited to see what this unique and entertaining young lady has in store for us, this time around.

Everything I Need incorporates song and dance within its 60 minute performance, whilst sharing some inspirational stories throughout.

Returning from its original production are Director Marcia Bennett, Dramaturge PJ Hammond, Stage Manager David Liotta and Tyrell Witherspoon as Choreographer.


This production is sure to be a treat for all and is set to entertain audiences over 2 Performances, at the Alumnae Theatre. Not only will you see one girl’s dreams coming true, but her story may even awaken your own hopes and aspirations.

“You really can end up having everything you need. Some dreams just take a little longer to achieve,” says Devon.

Performances are as follows:

Sunday December 11th: 3pm Show and 8pm Show

Tickets can be purchased online for $10 by clicking HERE. If you prefer to purchase them at the theatre box office, tickets at the door are priced at $15.

See You All There. 🙂 X 


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