It’s (Kind Of) a Love Story: New play by Naomi Peltz (November 16-26th)


So people, it’s official. The season of winter is edging closer day-by-day, but that is no reason to lock yourself indoors. There is so much happening right now, and the theatre scene is buzzing with new, creative, interesting and inventive shows.

The Fall Season has been always known for bringing fantastic shows to the stage, and personally, I believe, it is a great time to attend the theatre. The struggle to buy Christmas presents has not yet begun, so how about treating yourself to some stage magic, before the madness begins. After attending musicals, plays and cabarets over the past few weeks, I thought I had seen it all for 2016. Well folks, there is something else on the horizon.

Appearing under the stage spotlight next week, is a new dramatic creation, written by the incredible Naomi Peltz, entitled, “It’s (Kind Of) a Love Story.” Performed by the talented cast of the Tree of Life Theatre Company (Denise Norman, Ellie Posadas & JaeMoon Lee) and brought to life by renowned director Peter Van Wart, this play tells us the tale of two close friends; Alison and Michael, who are faced with the difficult, risky and daunting dilemma as to whether they should allow their friendship to develop into a romantic encounter.

Unable to come to a consensus on whether this should be explored, they consult their friends along the way, who cannot help but inject their opinions and feelings of approval/disapproval on this possible elevation of relationship status.


Not only is Alison conflicted about this tough decision, but as her initial image of life as a couple begins to blur, she is forced to  analyse a past event, which inevitably caused the existence of these mixed opinions.

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But what is LOVE in today’s society? Is it solely between 2 people or do outside influences have an effect on it? With the talents and skills of lighting designer John Cabanela, this train of thought is brought to life. Throughout the performance, Facebook statuses, tweets, memes, magazine articles and news headlines will be projected onto the theatre surroundings, illustrating how individuals today receive information at a much quicker rate. The only trouble is, does this readily available knowledge take away the control you have over your own life, and in terms of making a decision on love…who pulls the strings?

It’s (Kind Of) a Love Story is part of a new wave of plays that are giving Toronto something to talk about, as their ideas are constantly evolving and aiming to tell us stories, which we can relate to in today’s world.


No stranger to gracing the stage herself, author NAOMI PELTZ strives to reveal to us the elements of our lives that we rarely acknowledge, or are hidden away from us. Asked about the origins of the play, she replied, “It was a story that needed to get out, and there was no stopping it.”


So how about you all come along with me to see this wonderful and unique show, which is sure to be a hit.

Performances will be held at the Commons Theatre, at 190 Richmond Street East, from November 16th until November 26th 2016.

Tickets are priced at $15 (General admission) and $10 for groups, students and seniors. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased online by clicking HERE.

Also, with the festive season quickly approaching, the Tree of Life Theatre Company have promised to give a portion of he proceeds to the White Ribbon Campaign, a movement by men and boys, in ending violence against women and girls.


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