Caledonia you’re calling me

So it’s been quite a while my little followers, since my last post, and there has been a valid reason. I have flown the nest and left the green fields of Ireland for the hustle and bustle of Toronto, Canada.


But luckily with my pen and paper in one hand and a few dollars in the other, my love of fun, entertainment and laughter has just expanded, rather than dissipate.

Despite no longer being in the country where this blog originated, this does not mean the Entertainment Fairy can’t spread a little fairy dust on her western neighbour. If you have wings, you may as well use them… And if you have a quill and some ink…well that’s where the magic begins.

Now in the past I’ve reviewed such events like theatre shows and movies…even books. And before you despair, this has not finished. My love for the theatre will always be evident in my work and I’m already planning my new theatrical review in mid summer for Toronto’s latest arrivals.

But what has been missing from my many reviews??? Yes, you’ve guessed it…food and drink.

On my first day in my hectic, new city-life surroundings I pined for home. I missed the laughter, the homely food and of course the humour and familiar warmth of the celtic nation.

On my first day off from my new career, I set off in search for a taste of home. Walking up College Street like a lost puppy, I soon came across a little gem within this vast metropolis…THE CALEDONIAN.


From the minute I entered this bar and restaurant, I fell in love with the establishment. It was like I was suddenly transported back to the celtic lands, in a matter of seconds. Not only was there a wide selection of Scottish and Irish whiskeys and beverages to choose from, but the familiar humour, laughter and warm welcomes were evident straight away.


To top off an already wonderful experience, the food was exceptional. I have never tasted as authentic of Scottish food in my life than the day I walked into this bar. First came the starter of Haggis Balls, which were like heaven on a plate. Following that was the butter chicken and topping off the selection of homemade delicacies was the sticky toffee pudding. With each bite, I was already wishing the meal would not end, and by the time I placed the spoon down, I was not fit to move.

Not only were the staff outstanding in offering their advice on purchases, but they made you feel right at home; so welcome and appreciated.

But the secret to this cheerful atmosphere is the proprietor herself, Donna. During my meal, she introduced herself to me and chatted about her homeland of Scotland, as well a showing a great interest in my own story.

As we chatted over a Scottish Glenfiddich whiskey followed by a taste of Ireland in the form of a Tullamore Dew, I realised that I truly found one of the best run pubs I have ever been in: on either side of the Atlantic Ocean.

For visitors, emigrants and locals alike, everyone should head down to The Caledonian on 856 College Street, Toronto. If you are looking for an enjoyable drink, wholesome delicious food or if you ever want to experience the famous hospitality of the Scottish, this is the place to be during your time in Toronto.


One things for sure, I’m already planning my next visit back.

5 out of 5 Star Rating from The Entertainment Fairy


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