Don’t Rain on my Parade

Hey ya’ll.

So as you may have noticed, it has been quite some time since I last posted on my Blog “The Entertainment Fairy.” 

After choosing my last blog post to be one of musical background, I’ve decided to do so again, due to the great feedback and reception my previous one received.

So what fresh, vibrant, exciting new artist is hitting the musical sound-waves these days?…I hear you ask me.


parade 4When I first heard Jessica display her incredible vocal talents, she was part of the amazing, British girl group Parade, who were a five piece band, signed to Asylum Records from 2010 to 2011. During their time together, they released 1 album and 3 singles, which were a sexy, polished blend of both pop, dance and ballads. Their single Louderdebuted in the Top 10 UK Charts in its very first week of release, and was a floor filler tune in every nightclub in 2011.

Click here to Watch the Official Video of LOUDER by Parade

parade 1

Sadly in early 2013, it was confirmed that Parade were going their separate ways and pursuing different paths. Upon hearing this, my heart sank. Where I was ever going to see these girls perform again, would I see their killer dance moves and was there any chance of solo music careers. Well, all my prayers were answered when one fifth of the girl group, Jessica Agombar, decided to emerge into the world of solo music and reveal to us what we have been missing for so long.

parade 2

Growing up in London E3, it is clear to see that the Capital has rubbed off on Jessica. With great style, unbelievable fashion, vocal brilliance and even acting experience, this girl is proof that London really does produce pure, unquestionable talent. But most of all, apart from the obvious, Jessica seems to have brought with her the vital values needed to succeed in the entertainment world; RespectTruth and Appreciation.  By following Jessica’s career over the years, it is clear to see that she truly respects the artists and musical colleagues she has met along the way, who all played a part in each others journey. Through ever-changing musical trends and genres, this lady has been able to mould herself with the aim of appealing to all types of music fans, but never forgetting to remain truthful  to her roots and personal interests. And most of all, she is the kind of artist who has never forgotten to remain appreciative and thankful to the fans. Whether these people became fans of Jessica via Parade or in the years that followed with her solo music, she has never hesitated in thanking them for the experience she has had so far; including the successes, the wishes of good luck and the positive reactions to her music.

parade 3

Since her solo career took off, she has has released 3 fantastic singles, including Bam Bam, Bam Bam: Part 2 and her recent masterpiece, Tuesday’s Love.

To download Jessica’s music, please click this link

Since hearing her newest creation, Tuesday’s Love, social media and music critics have been tweeting, blogging, face-booking, tagging and sharing her new music. And I cannot blame them for one second. It is both DAZZLING and ACCOMPLISHED. Very rarely have I heard a song that has had such an impact on me, and I, hand-on-heart believe that anyone who listens to the words, will be able to relate entirely to each lyric; in some way or form.

To Listen to Tuesday’s Love via SoundCloud, click here.

To watch the beautiful Video of Tuesday’s Love on Youtube, click here

So click above to have a listen, and let me know what you think. I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that 2015/2016 is going to be a lucky year for this young woman. With a voice so mesmerizing and a rare talent of being able to tell a story through her lyrics, Jessica is a gem within the music industry, who I am sure will soon get the recognition and success she deserves.

parade 5.jpeg

With rumours going around the mill that a new EP and Album will be soon released… I, The Entertainment Fairy, will eagerly wait to get a listen to this piece of artistic perfection.


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