Exclusive Interview with Sean Og Cairns from Dundalk Musical Society’s Sister Act: The Musical

imageAs you may all know, Dundalk Musical  Society’s production of Sister Act The Musical sadly finished it 6 day run last week. The rave reviews were coming in from all areas of the media, from newspapers, word of mouth on the town and on entertainment blogs like our own “Entertainment Fairy.”

I was over the moon for the entire cast to hear such a good reception from everyone, and as you may know, I immediately took my quill and ink; along with some fairy dust, and wasted no time in creating a 5 STAR review for these talented and unique bunch of artists.

After posting my review, I felt that the public who attended the musical would like to hear something from the cast themselves. After getting such dazzling compliments of his portrayal as one of Deloris van Cartier’s smooth assassins, I caught up with Sean Og Cairns after the production had ended to get his take on the role of TJ in Sister Act, and also to find out how much the Dundalk Musical Society means to him.

Entertainment Fairy (EF): Hi Sean, would it be ok to ask you a few questions about your time performing on stage at Sister Act?

Sean Og: Yes, of course. That’s no problem.

EF: What was your initial reaction to the 6 sell-out shows at The An Tain Theatre, Dundalk, County Louth?

Sean Og: It was absolutely exhilarating to sell out 6 shows. It added a new level of anticipation to the opening of the show each night. With a standing ovation at the end of every performance we did, and the highly praising reviews coming in, it really showed the level of support that the town of Dundalk has for it’s local Musical society.

EF: What was your favourite part about playing the character of TJ?

Sean Og: My favourite part about playing the role of TJ was his constant state of blissful ignorance and how, even through times of terror and dismay, he always managed to find the comedy in a situation. I found the role of TJ to be one that I could sink my teeth into, and most importantly, a role which I would thoroughly enjoy portraying.

EF: Were you a fan of the film and it’s West End/Broadway debut, before taking taking on one of the characters yourself?

Sean Og: You know, it’s funny. To this day, I’ve never actually seen the film of Sister Act. However, once I learnt that our upcoming production was going to be Sister Act The Musical, I immediately started doing my homework on the characters, the songs and of course, the Storyline. When I did this, I fell in love with the show; it’s feel good anthems, beautiful 4 piece harmony lines, the comedic relief, the beauty of the plot line and the sensational dance numbers. Above all, there is a sense of theatrical elation; I couldn’t help but clap along to “Raise Your Voice” and break my sides laughing to “Lady in the Long Black Dress,” whilst trying to gulp down the tears during the end of the reprise of “Fabulous Baby.” The musical has the power to make you laugh, cry, cheer, dance, sing, and most importantly, it makes you permanently catch the Theatre Bug. So in regards to the initial question… No I wasn’t a fan of the musical before being cast, but after I got the part, it quickly soared up my list of favourite musicals.


EF: What is your favourite song of the entire musical, and of course, you can be biased?

Sean Og: My favourite song…now that’s a toughie. I suppose, at the end of the day, I’d have to say it is “Raise Your Voice.” Primarily because it has that power behind it and has the “wow factor” to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. The choreography and multiple harmonies are also breathtaking. Ultimately, it is during this musical number that the nuns get their first taste of Deloris’ musical prowess. They can’t believe what’s happening, and don’t know why she’s singing, but they like it. Soon after they can’t help but join in themselves. It’s also during this song that Sister Mary Robert, played by Niamh Craven, fights her fears, swallows her inhibitions and sings her heart out, which then adds a whole new dimension to her character.

EF: Dundalk Musical Society is a great place for expressing your creativity and love of theatre. What have you learned and gained from being a part of the DMS?

Sean Og: You can say that again! What Haven’t I learned and gained? I made my stage debut with the DMS, to begin with. I joined the 2013 pantomime “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,” as a dancer, and since then I have not looked back. I owe so much to the DMS. It’s here I gained the confidence to stand up on stage in front of hundreds, and deliver a performance. It’s here I harnessed the different areas of the performing arts. I learned not only to do a show on stage, but to be part of the stage crew also, by becoming a team with everyone involved backstage. It’s here I began many, many friendships, that will last a lifetime. They welcomed me with open arms when I joined, and now they are like a second family. Each and every person in the DMS, I love. Always will.


EF: So what’s next for you? Any plans?

Sean Og: Next on the cards for me is the Dundalk Musical Society’s pantomime “Beauty & The Beast.” I’m not quite sure how much I’m allowed to give away at the moment, but all I can say is, it’s going to be a cracker of a show, as always. I’m also a member of DCU’s Drama Society, so I’m sure I’ll have a few auditions lined up in the coming months. Who knows what’s next?


EF: Sean, thank you so much for chatting to me for the Entertainment Fairy Blog. Well done on a wonderful and memorable performance, and we hope to see you soon.

Sean Og: Thank you very much, it was a pleasure.

So there you have it folks. I’m sure Everyone is with me when I say, “best of luck in your future performing career Sean. Your willingness to take part in this interview was much appreciated. Many thanks.”

For such a young man he seems to be already achieving his dreams and is proof that the Dundalk Musical society is a great outlet for people of all ages.

Maybe you are interested in singing, maybe you have a flair for dance or maybe you love the creative side of set production. Maybe the Dundalk Musical Society is for you.

“Always aim for the Moon, for when you do, you will sail among the Stars.”


One thought on “Exclusive Interview with Sean Og Cairns from Dundalk Musical Society’s Sister Act: The Musical

  1. When Dundalk Musical Society preforms and in particular when the cast includes Séan Óg Cairns, any and all their productions instantly soar up my Musical favourites. Some day this young mans name will be of global celebrity status and his autograph invaluable. Best wishes always, Séan Óg. Thank you for sharing your talent.


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