The Visit… I’m never visiting my Grandparents again

imageFor quite some time, I have searched high and low for a horror movie that would get your heart racing, as well as ensure your inability to sleep for days. After watching films like “The Conjuring” this set the bar quite high and I had much doubt about the silver screen creating another gem.

Enter THE VISIT! The movie basically follows two kids who have never met their grandparents due to familial disputes, as well as geographical distance. Rebecca and her younger brother Tyler set off with eager anticipation and excitement at meeting their mother’s parents for the first time. The trip starts with hugs, kisses and cookies; the usual occurrence when you push open the front door of your grandmother’s house.

Just as soon as you feel a familiar, genuine warmth to the elderly characters, things change. And I mean CHANGE! As time passes, they both start exhibiting disturbing tendencies, making the confused, frightened children more uncomfortable by the second. With each passing minute, the kids descend into a pit of fear and terror. With no-one around to help, it is up to these brave minors to discover the hidden secret of their grandparents behaviours, in their terrifying race against time.

After the cinema lights turned back on after the movie had ended, I realised I had more popcorn and chocolate around me than inside me; purely due to the suspense of the film. Apologies in advance to the IMC Dundalk Cinema Staff… you did not have a miniature snack explosion in Row R. That was just me.

Much credit needs to be given to the director, M. Night Shyamalan, who decided to record the entire film by character hand-held camera. It thankfully worked so well, as it makes the viewer feel they are in the movie themselves and adds to the suspense of the film.

This movie is still out in cinemas, but if you want to wait until it is released on DVD/Blu-Ray; where you can scream like a school-girl (ehhh boys??) and pee yourself in the comfort of your own living room…you will have to hold out until December 2015.

My last bit of advise I shall give before you view this cracker of cinematic excellence…

  1. Think twice before accepting an out-of-the-ordinary invitation to visit an unpredictable, reclusive family member
  2. When something looks CRAZY it probably is
  3. and most of all… if in doubt RUNNNNNNN!!!

RATING: 4 STARS * * * *



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