Sister Act The Musical… An Tain Theatre Dundalk (Review)

sister act

When it was announced on 2nd September 2015 that the wonderful Dundalk Musical Society, Co. Louth were creating a performance schedule of the much loved musical version of “Sister Act,” my heart leaped for joy, as it was one of my most favourite musicals and films of all time.

The moment tickets were released to the Box Office, eager theatre goers grabbed them up so quickly, that the An Tain Theatre had to allow for an extra Matinee performance on the last day. Running from 14th – 18th October, I had the pleasure of attending 2 performaces and I can ultimately say that I was blown away each time; firstly as a treat for myself and secondly to review it for my blog/website.

The script was flawless and the songs were out of this world. Never have I been to a musical that you immediately know the lyrics to each song after one listen. This is possibly due to the input of its talented composer, Alan Menkin; better known for creating the soundtracks from such movies as Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Enchanted & Beauty & The Beast. So, now that we were sure of a great script and great musical score… How about the cast and performance?

“Spectacular” “Hilarious” “Tremendous” and “Awesome” were some of the words I heard attendees describe the performance on the night.

“Talented” “Stars” “Inspiring” and “A credit to our Town” were words used to describe its cast.

And truthfully, these overheard reviews from the theatre goers were spot on. Taking the lead as Deloris Van Cartier/Sister Mary Clarence was Carol McCourt; a well known performer in the Dundalk Musical Society, who had the sass, the class, and by god, she rocked that mass. Mother Superior was played by the powerful, breath-taking talent of Orlaith Crosbie, Niamh Craven played the young, delightful Sister Mary Robert, Olive Curran played straight talking, chapel rapping Sister Mary Lazarus and Karyn McCooey played the lovable part of Sister Mary Patrick, whose voice could bring you to new heights. Two outstanding performers were Paudie Breen who played Deloris’ love interest Eddie, whose musical and acting abilities were outstanding. And of course, who could forget Sean Og Cairns, who played the hilarious character of TJ. With an awesome voice and killer dance moves, he captivated the crowd with his take on one of Deloris’ captors.


From the sassy, sexy opening numbers of “Take Me To Heaven” and “Fabulous Baby” to the emotional title song “Sister Act,” it’s clear to say I laughed, cried, giggled like a child and hooted like desperate housewife, with every single lyric. And I was not the only one… This being the Understatement of the year. The crowds had tears running down their face and their cheeks red with laughter.


Now before I go further, due credit much be given to the entire cast. The actresses and actors who played the rest of the cast were outstanding, and just because I have not named every member of the DMS, it does not take away the utter awe and appreciation I have for them. Without the supporting cast, each number would not have had its impact, so these talented, amazing artists deserved the 6 standing ovations they received each performance. From the backing club singers, to the smooth talking villains…from the fellow nuns of Our Lady Queen of Angels & far-out boogie style parish priest, to the backstage angels themselves (the crew) …they all blew me away. Each member of the DMS played their role perfectly and you could not ask for more from this fabulous bunch of people.


When the show came to an end; with An Tain Parishioners dancing and clapping in their rows, I had already gained a deep, permanent respect for the Dundalk Musical Society. I wanted to jump up on stage and dance my lil heart out beside them, to their foot-stomping, booty shaking, fist pumping and rosary-bead swinging final musical number, “Spread The Love Around.”

So with joy in my heart and love in my soul… Sister Act’s Performance at the An Tain Theatre, Dundalk County Louth… Receives a…

5 Star Rating * * * * *



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